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Windows-Perforated Graphics


Perforated graphics provide messaging opportunities by turning glass doors and windows into prime advertising space. The most common uses include storefront advertising, window decor, product promotion, window signage, and branding. The graphics can also be used to deflect sunlight and provide shade and privacy.

Perforated graphics are manufactured by printing directly onto perforated, adhesive backed vinyl material. These decals feature one-way vision, allowing you to see one way unobstructed. This is accomplished by puncturing a percent of the material with tiny holes. These holes are small enough for the decal to maintain a detailed image on one side yet be see-through on the other side. Perforated graphics perform best when used to cover the entire window or glass area. 

Perforated graphics can be used for indoor and outdoor applications. Long term performance is based on many factors including sun and chemical exposure. Optically clear lamination is applied to reinforce the material and protect it against UV fading and abrasion. This will increase durability, allowing them to last as long as 3 years in outdoor applications.